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  • Item Code: ZSPRT
  • Brand: Zebra Instruments
  • Unit Size: 1


Zebra Instruments Short-Pro Short Finder Tool


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    • Saves time - The Short-Pro Tool helps you find 24V System shorts by acting as an auto-resetting circuit breaker
    • You can attach its alligator clips directly to the two ends of a fuseholder
    • Resets automatically - The Short-Pro Tool's red LED lights brightly when it trips, telling you a short exists on that branch
    • When the short (or a lead) is removed, the Short-Pro Tool automatically resets
    • Convenient - Small and light enough (<1 oz) to fit in your shirt pocket or tool box, the Short-Pro Tool can also save you steps back to the truck or the parts store for more fuses

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Brand Zebra Instruments

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