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Variable Spd.Mtr. Tester

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VZ-7 - Variable Speed Zebra

Many Techs have some confusion about ECM Motors and Systems - and no wonder - with as many as 21 wires going to these new motors, you can't just use a voltmeter anymore for proper diagnosis. "The prior generation of tools can help, but fall far short of giving the Tech complete information on why a system isn't operating correctly." The VZ-7 is a microprocessor-controlled diagnostic tool that performs sophisticated testing with only 4 switches. With it, a Tech will be able to: Visually monitor signal calls from the furnace/air handler circuit boards. Interrupt those signals and send the motor any signals you desire, to observe motor operation Get a visual display of motor RPM and the calculated CFM (on most systems) Get a visual readout of all 4 system "taps". These selections help set up a system correctly Get a direct readout of the control voltage in the motor (low voltage here causes erratic operation) And finally, IF a problem is traced to the motor, one switch press starts an automatic analysis to clearly indicate if the problem is in the motor's electronics, or one of 7 possible winding problems.