There has been a significant change in the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). This change will affect what we will be inspecting for on HVAC change outs, water heater change outs, window change outs or for any permit issued for a dwelling unit containing a gas fired appliance (this includes fireplaces) and/or an attached garage with a communicating opening to the dwelling unit. The new code(section 705.2) states that a carbon monoxide alarm shall be installed "outside of each separate sleeping area and in the immediate vicinity of each sleeping area" and "within a sleeping area if a fuel-burning or solid fuel appliance is located within a sleeping area, a bathroom attached to the sleeping area, or a garage attached to the sleeping area.

The IPMC (section 704.2)also requires that smoke alarms be installed "outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of bedrooms (this alarm will typically be a combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm serving both requirements), in each room used for sleeping purposes, in each story within a dwelling unit, including basements and cellars but not including crawl spaces and uninhabitable attics" If you are working off a standalone plumbing or mechanical permit battery operated alarms are typically allowed. This ordinance went into effect April 1, 2018. We know that this is short notice so we will be instructing field staff to gradually start enforcing the ordinance.

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