Day & Night Inverter Driven Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Tuition: $100 per session per attendee
Pre-registration required no later than 2 weeks prior to scheduled start date. 
Class size - maximum 20 per session.

This service training program introduces the Inverter Driver VA9 Air Conditioners & VH8 Heat Pumps. The primary purpose of this training seminar is to familiarize you with this product, its components and its operation so that you can install and start-up a new unit, provide service and maintenance for this unit, and troubleshoot problems.

At the completion of the seminar the student will be able to:

*Identify basic components of the *VA9 Air Conditioner and *VH8 Heat Pumps.
*Describe the operation of the inverter drive compressor and state the precautions to observe when servicing the unit.
*Identify the proper operating sequences for cooling and heat pump operation.
*Use the Observer wall control to set up the unit and read error code history.
*Describe proper service procedures for checking, charging and troubleshooting cooling and heat pump problems.
*Describe proper service and troubleshooting procedures for heat pump EXV.
*Explain the operation of the variable speed outdoor fan and how to troubleshoot it.
*Explain how to troubleshoot the variable speed compressor using error codes.