Top Gun Technician Excellence: Beyond Diagnostics

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Tuition: Non FAD Dealers - $755;  FAD Dealers - $400
Lunch is provided both days; Class size is limited

FAD and Non-FAD Dealers
Top Gun Technician Excellence – Beyond Diagnostics is a two-day team building class that will provide service technicians with the “soft” tools to perform their job better. Through a series of breakouts, technicians will develop improved customer communication skills, learn how to drive customer satisfaction, sales leads, and referrals through a defined service delivery procedure. This process will help technicians reduce callbacks, improve revenue generation, and increase job satisfaction while increasing their overall value to the company.

** Understand how important your role as a technician is for the company as a whole, not just service.
** To understand the costs involved in running a profitable, well-oiled service department.
** Identify the necessary traits needed to fulfill the role of “today’s” service technician.
** How to do the right thing for the client and reduce callbacks.
** Understand how to turn a one-time customer into a long-term client and create a lasting relationship.
** Provide the tools and training necessary to increase your value to the company, become Top Gun Service Professionals, and increase your overall job satisfaction
** Learn the steps to develop and maintain a professional image in the eyes of a client.
** Develop the process and tools together to create lasting customer relationships, a true client base.
** Build a positive client service attitude that leads to happy clients and referrals.
** Learn how to communicate options in “homeowner” speak and guide them in making decisions.
October 19th & 20th, 2017
Day 1 - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Day 2 - 7:30am - 5:00pm
RMI North Training Center
1100 Kramer Lane